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Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
information this case. >> new details in the crash that killed actor paul walker. what witnesses are now telling police about the moments before that fiery crash. >> plus a popular montgomery county teacher pleads guilty. still ahead, why he can still remain in a classroom. stoop --could a drone soon be delivering packages to your doorstep? >> this day is the single largest e-commerce day year- round. >> >> now to a developing story about the crash that killed actor paul walker, who was known movies about fast cars. drag racing may have been happening. speed was a factor. now they are looking into whether another car veered in front of the porsche that walker was riding in and caused the crash. >> federal officials just confirmed that a train and crashed in the bronx over the weekend was going too fast when he got to that sharp curve. a national transportation safety board spokeswoman just announced the train was going 82 miles per hour at an 80 -- at 830 mile per hour curve. dozens were injured when it jumped the rail. quick piecing together answers in yesterday's deadly train derailmen
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
st. paul's i the cvs gopal church. investigators determined the fire started when john sterner doused himself in gasoline and lit his clothes on fire and ran into the church. sterner died at the scene. his death was caused -- ruled a suicide. one suspect in custody following a police chase in montgomery county. chase started after police received a call about suspicious activity. a vehicle refused to stop at police and the suspect got out of his vehicle at royal dominion drive and try to run away. he has not been identified at this time but he faces charges for stolen tags and possible felony theft for stealing copper. >> a montgomery county business owner said she is thinking of closing some of her stores after three women attacked her using a baby. take a look at this. it happened in september at a beauty supply shop in gaithersburg. the woman tried to steal more hair weaveslars in and wigs and they attacked the owner using that stroller with the baby inside. you can see the infant fallout, hitting his head. i guess that she was [inaudible] kicks the attendant and hits her wi
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
chest. >> los angeles county coroner's office has released the autopsy from the crash that killed paul walker and his friend in southern california when the porsche slammed into a light pole and tree and burst into flames area the autopsy shows walker was killed by the impact of the crash and fire. his friend was killed by the impact. for toxicology tests will take another six weeks. universal pictures announced it has shut down production on the fasted. seven to discuss whether to move forward with the project. an reference to walker's death, we were fortunate to host pat sajak and the game show with the answer is fast and furious aired on about 200 tv stations. sajak and the station explain the episode had been taped weeks earlier. we'll of fortune called it an unfortunate coincidence. lex let's get a check on the traffic situation now. >> still plenty of volume out there. the rush hour is far from over. very slow on 66 going into falls church right now. southboundume delays toward the pentagon and traffic on i-95 southbound, some delays heading south. nothing unusual going on, but w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3